Gazebo & Pond

The gazebo is an elevated structure near the 2 dock and boats with a spectacular view. It comes equipped with a solar panel on the roof to charge a marine battery. The pond is 3 acres and stocked with bass, sunfish and large catfish.

Wood Shed

Wood shed contains 3 trailers, green shed/heavy duty log splitter, large storage area for dry split wood off the ground, extra stones for the new farmhouse plus landscaping stones. There is also recycled brick and marble. The 3 trailers are various sizes. The largest one will carry the tractor. Nearby is the green shed on blocks. It has open storage with a small loft and wide doors.

Chicken Coop

Chicken coop is behind the horse barn on the trail. Large roosting area, feeders, and egg-laying boxes, mostly  enclosed (some fencing is down.)