All pastures have 5 line high tension wire, electrified lines. There are automatic waterers with a gravel pad, 16 foot fences, all have run-ins for shelter and salt blocks. #1 is the large double pasture behind the main farmhouse.It connects to the Morton barn. It is adjacent to the enclosed area for goats. #2 is the corner pasture, really two areas. #3 is the stallion pasture. It also has two areas and it is right near the pond. #4 is Allen’s pasture. It has two areas by the pond on the other side of the arena. #5 is the winter pasture by the horse barn and the horses can be divided into several zones within that pasture.


There is front, back and down below trails. There is a shooting range down below in a hollow. The trails are suitable for walking, horseback riding, or ATV riding. The entire perimeter of the farm is fenced. There are several springs that run year-round.


There are two large hayfields near the main farmhouse that have been overseeded with a horse blend pasture mix, fertilized, weeded, and the fields have recently been limed. These two fields yield about 600-800 square bales from first cutting and 300-400 bales on a second cutting. It is necessary to hire a farmer to come and cut and bale the hay. We have the equipment to haul the hay over to the barns and a hay elevator for stacking hay.

Riding Arena

The arena has # 10 gravel with a drainage  system underneath.  There are two gates for easy access and adjacent to two pastures near the pond with a great view.