Morton Barn

This is a tin roof with stained pine interior. It has 5 stalls, 12 X 12 feet with heat and air conditioning,k.tack room with hot and cold running water. There are rubber mats in all the stalls over packed lime. They have easy open doors with a cement aisle. There are crossties. There is a hay loft above with a ventilation fan. There is exterior lighting. There is a paddock at one end that opens to a large double pasture with run-in and trees. There is a second paddock on the side that is fenced for animals. There is #10 gravel in the driveway. There is a covered storage area on the backside for the tractor and the Gator. There is a tie-up at one end on the driveway with water hydrants  on both ends  with 16 foot gates.

#1 Barn

#1 barn building is located when entering from 839 Marble Hill Road. It has large sliding doors on both ends, lots of storage shelves, and space. It has two enclosed rooms. There is a water hydrant. It is equipped with 220 volts for a welder. There is a covered shelter to the side for parking the farm truck.

Horse Barn

This barn is behind #1 barn building and is an 8 stall barn, 12 X 12. Stairs or ladder to reach the large ventilated hay loft. There is water and electric. It has packed dirt floors, opens into the winter  pasture, and has multiple gates to close off the horses. There is a gate that enters the trails and there is a gate to walk up to the original farmhouse.

#2 Barn

#2 barn is on the driveway between the main farmhouse and the original farmhouse. High roof line allowing for storage of farm equipment. Nearby is a 1980 bomb shelter built into the hillside. It is wired and consists of 3 rooms with wooden shelves. Needs some work to modernize.